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例 Both his parents look sad .Maybe they______what's happened to him .

A.knew B.have known C.  must know D.will know







例1. He has  _______ been to  Shanghai , has he ?

A.already B.never C.ever D. still

例2.  Have  you  met  Mr  Li ______?

A.just   B.ago C.before D.a moment ago

例3.The famous writer _____ one new book in the past

 two year .

A.is writing B.was writing C.wroteD.has written

例4.—Our country  ______ a lot so far .

  —Yes . I hope it will be even ______ .

A.has changed;well     B.changed;good

C.has changed; better  D.changed;better

例5.Zhao Lan ______already  ______in this school for

two years .

A.was;studying         B.will;studyC.has;studied          D. are;studying

例6.We ______ Xiao Li since she was a little girl.

A.know B.had known C.have knownD. knew

例7.Harry Potter is a very nice film.I______it twice .

A.will seeB.have seenC.sawD.see





  ⑵现在完成时常与recently(近来),so  far(到目

前为止),in  the  past/“last + 一段时间”等时间状




  ⑶现在完成时时常与“for +时间段或since +过去时间



three  times(三次),several  times(几次)等表示重



例1.—These farmers have been to the United States .

   —Really ? When _____  there ?

A.will they go          B.did they go

C.do they go            D.have they gone

例2.—______ you ___ your  homework  yet ?

  —Yes . I _____  it  moment  ago .

A.Did;do;finished       B.Have;done;finished

C.Have;done;have finished D.will;do;finish






作,它不与表示过去的时间状语(如yesterday,last week,

a moment ago等)连用。故例1、2的正确答案皆为B。


例1. His  father  ______ the  Party  since  1978 .

A.joined B.has joined C. was in D.has been in

例2.—Do you know him well ?

  — Sure.We _________friends since ten years ago .

A.were B.have been C.have becomeD. have made

例3.—How long have you  ____ here ?

  —About two months .

A.been B.gone      C.come    D.arrived

例4.Hurry up!The play __________ for  ten  minutes .

A.has begun         B.had begun

C.has been on       D.began

例5.His uncle died two years ago.(改变句子,句意不变

  His uncle has  _______ for two years 

例6.Her mother has been a Party member for three years .(同义句)

  Her mother_______the  Party three years ________ .

例7.It _____ten years since he left the army .

A.is B.has C.will  D.  was




close—→be closed,  put on→wear, open—→be open   

get up—→be up, finish/end→be over, lose—→belost,

marry—→be married(to),

fall asleep/ go to sleep —→be asleep ( sleep ) , 

get to know—→ know   come/arrive—→be here/in ,

come/get back—→be back , go/leave-be away ,          become —→be,         borrow —→keep ,

buy—→have ,          begin/start—→be on ,

die—→be dead ,       join—→be in... ,

catch a cold—→ have a cold等,


been  dead 。其次,可以用相应的延续性动词的过去时表

示,故例6应填joined;ago。再次,还可用“It is + 一


考点五:考查词组have/has  been  in / tohave/has  gone to的区别

例1.Miss Green isn't in the office.she______to the  library .

A.has goneB.went C.will go D.has  been

例2.My parents ______Shandong for  ten  years .

A.have been in       B.have been to

C.have gone to       D.have been

简析:“have/has  gone  to + 地点”表示“某人去了某地

(还未回来)",指主语所指的人不在这儿.“have/has  been  in + 地点”表示“在某地呆了多长时间”,常与表示时间的

状语连用.“have/has been to +地点”表示“曾经去过某地










1.I___already____(see)the film.I___(see)it last week.
2.__ he ____(finish) his work today ? Not yet .
3.___you ___(be)to Hong Kong ?Yes,I ____(be)there twice .
4.__ you ever ____(eat )chocolate sundaes? No, never.
5.My father ____just ____(come) back from work.He

 is tired now.
6.Where's Li Ming? He____(go)to the teacher's office.
7.Shanghai ___(be) a small town hundreds of years ago.  Now it ____ (become) a large city.
8.I ____ (work) here since I ____ (move) here in 1999.
9.So far I ____(make) quite a few friends here.
10.How long ___the Wangs ___(stay) here?For two weeks.
1.I have been to Macau before.(改为否定句)

  I ___ ____ been to Macau before.
2.He hasn't come to school because he's ill             (就划线部分提问)
____ _____ he come to school?
3.He has learned English for 5 years.(就划线部分提问)
____ ___ ____ ____ learned English ?
4.I bought a new bike just now.(用just改写)

  I ____ just ____ a new bike.
5.We began to learn English three years ago.(改为同义句)
We ____ ____English ____three years

三、 填入has / have been 或has / have gone.

1.Harry:I saw you in Annabel's Restaurant last night.
 Diana:No,it wasn't me.I     never    there.
2. Sam:Sally and Tim are on holiday, aren't they?

   Where     they    ?
 Sue:To Florida, again.
 Sam:How many times      they     there?
 Sue:This is their third visit.
3. Alan:Where's Tony? Mary:He's got a headache so he

        to bed.
4. Steve:Can I speak to Jill, please?
 Lynn:She's out,I'm afraid. She    to the cinema this evening.
 Steve:Again? She    already     to the cinema  three times this week.

四、 用for 或since填空

1. Jill has been in Ireland     Monday.
2. Jill has been in Ireland     three days.
3. My aunt has lived in Australia     15 days.
4. Margaret is in her office.She has been there

     7 o'clock.
5. India has been an independent country    1974.
6. The bus is late.We've been waiting   20 minutes.
7. Nobody lives in those houses.They have been empty

      many years.
8. Mike has been ill    a long time. He has been in    hospital  October


A.用 already或 yet
1) Have they taken down the old pictures ______?

   No, not ___________.
2) Most of us have finished our compositions ________
3) He said he hadn’t visited the exhibition ________.
B.用 since或 for
1) We have learned five lessons _____he beginning of    this term.
2) Mrs Liao has been in hospital ______last week.
3) I have stayed at my aunt’s _____two weeks.
C. 用have gone或 have been
1) Where are the boy students ?They _____to the school factory.
2) Is your father in?No, he ____to Shenzhen._______ he ever______there before?Yes, he ___there several times
3) He asked me if I ____to Hangzhou before. I told him that I wanted to go there for a visit as I _____never ______ to that city before.
六 选择填空
1.Mother ____me a new coat yesterday. I _______ it on. It fits me well.
A. had made…have tried    B. made…have tried

C. has made…tried         D. made…tried
2 “He ____to draw horses already”.When _____ he ?”

“ Last year “
A. learned…has         B. learned…did

C. has learned…has     D. has learned…did
3.____you ____the text yet?Yes,we____it two hours ago.
A. Did…copy…did      B. Have…copied…have

C. Have…copied…did   D. Did …copy…had
4. “Why ______ she ______angry ?”“Because he _____

 at her just now .”
A. did…get…shouted     B. has…got…shouted

C. did…get…has shouted  D. has…got…has shouted
5. ____you _____the film before?Where_____you ____it?
A. Have …seen…did…see B. Did …see…did…watch
C. Have…seen…have…seen D. Did …see…have…seen
6.You ____me waiting for two hours. I____for you since five.
A. kept…waited       B. have kept…waited

C. kept…have waited  D. have kept…have waited
7.Where ______ John _______ ? To the library. He ______there for an hour.
A. has…been…has gone  B. has…gone…has been

C. did…go…went        D. did…be…went
8. I ______the way.I______here for quite many years.
A. knew…have lived      B. knew…live

C. know…have lived      D. know…live
9. _____ you ever _____ America ? Yes, I have.
A. Have…gone to         B. Have…gone in

C. Have…been to         D. Have …been in
10. My brother ____college for over three years.
A. has gone to           B. has been to

C. has been in           D. has been at

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