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【转载】八年级下册英语Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came?知识点解析与对应练习  

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八年级下册英语Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came?知识点解析与对应练习


用法: 过去某个时间正在发生的动作

例:He was cooking at six last night. 昨天晚上六点,他正在做饭。

与过去进行时连用的时间状语,常见的有 at nine last night/at that time=then/at

过去进行时的构成:was\were +现在分词

(4) 请比较

He watched TV last night.(过去时间last night, 用一般过去时)

He was watching TV at nine last night. (过去时间last night+at nine, 用过去进行时)

2013黑龙江绥化】My uncle ____ books in the room at this time yesterday.

A. was seeing B. is reading C. was reading


1. Now Jim’s sister __________________(read) newspapers.

2.He __________________(watch)TV at nine last night.

3.He __________________(watch)TV last night.

4. What __________________the twins __________________(do) then?

5. — ________Lily ______________(draw) a cat when the teacher came in ?

— No, she _________

6. __________________you __________________(have) supper at that time?

7. Jack __________________(not read) a book at nine yesterday evening.

8. Now Jim __________________(play) basketball on the playground(操场).

9. What _______________ he _______________ (do) at nine o’clock last night.

10. They ___________________ (listen) to the music at that time.

11. When the teacher came in, the students _________________ (read) the text.

12. We ___________________ (watch) TV when suddenly the telephone rang.

13. Her mother ____________(cook) while her father was watching TV.

【解析2 at the time of ...... 的时候 (常用于过去进行时)

【解析3go off 发出响声, (闹钟)闹响,离开

例:The alarm went off just now. 刚才警钟响了

【短语】 go over 复习 go away 离开  go by (时间)过去 go for a walk 出去散步

go fishing/shopping/skating/swimming 去钓鱼/去买东西/去溜冰/去游泳

【解析】strange adj. 奇怪的 →strangely adv奇怪地 →stranger n 陌生人

【解析4feel like doing sth = would like/want to do sth想要做某事

I feel like _______ (catch) a clod today.

【解析5I see . 我知道了。 (表示通过别人提醒而明白、了解)

( ) —It’s bad for your eyes to read in the sun.

— _____.

A. I’m OK B. I don’t know C. I’m sorry D. I see

【拓展】 see sb. do sth 看到某人做某事

see sb. doing sth 看到某人正在做某事

【解析6work 运转;发挥作用 The madicine doesn’t work.


表示工作,是不可数名词:He has too much work to do. 他要做的工作太多。


He has read many of Hemingway’s works.


The glass works=factory) is [are] near the station. 玻璃工厂在车站附近。

【解析7heavily 在很大程度上;大量地

【拓展】heavy adj. 重的(反) light → heavily adv 猛烈地


【解析8 against 倚;碰;撞

表示反对,其反义词为 for。若表示强烈反对,一般用副词 strongly

例:Are you for or against the plan? 你对这个计划是赞成还是反对呢?


例:The teacher’s desk is against the wall. 老师的办公桌靠墙放着。

He stood leaning against the tree. 他站着斜靠在墙上。

( ) Mr. Wang is strongly ____ keeping animals in the zoo, because he thinks animals

should also enjoy freedom.

A. up B. for C. against D. down

( ) I'm ______ building a new zoo because I think zoos are terrible places for

animals to live in.

A. against B. on C. in D. for

【解析9 at first 首先;最初

【拓展】(1) at first = at the beginning 最初,开始


( ) When you want to work for our country in the future, ____, we should have

strong body and rich knowledge.

A. at first B. first of all C. for the first time D. after all

( ) We can do a lot to stay healthy. ____ , we should eat a balanced(平衡的) diet.

A. At a time B. In fact C. First of all D. All together

【解析10 fall asleep 进入梦乡;睡着

【拓展】fall asleep, sleep, go to sleep, get to sleep, go to bed用法区别。

fall asleep连系动词+表语结构,入睡;睡着,指进入梦乡,往往含有不知不觉就睡着了的意思。asleep在此作表语形容词。


例:He likes to sleep for an hour in the afternoon. 他喜欢在下午睡上一个小时。

go to sleep意为入睡,睡着,强调从开始睡到睡着的过程。

get to sleepgo to sleep意思相近,但它强调的是进入睡眠状态。

go to bed“就寝上床睡觉,指上床去睡这个动作,与get up相对应。

【解析11die down 逐渐变弱;逐渐消失

【拓展】die downdie out的用法区别:

This kind of bird has died out in the world.这种鸟已经在世界上灭绝了。

【解析1wake up (v+ adv) 醒来;睡醒

( ) _____ , Tom! It’s time to get up and go to school.

A. Wake up B. Make up C. Grow up D. Look up

( ) — What’s wrong with you, Eric? You look tired.

— I _____ to prepare for the final exam last night.

A. picked up B. woke up C. stayed up D. put up

【解析12 join 加入;参加

【辨析】join/join in/take part in

(1) join=be a member of 参加 ,指加入某种组织,并成为其中的一员。

join the army / party 入伍/ join the club 加入俱乐部

join in 后接活动名称

join sb. 加入到某个人群之中

(2) take part in 参加,指加入群体活动中并在活动中发挥重要作用。

( ) – I suppose we’ll go to plant trees next week.

-- Terrific! Planting trees is a lot of fun. I’d like to ___ you.

A. visit B. join C. follow D. meet

( ) –Mary, would you like to ___ this game?

—I’d love to, but I have to finish ___ the composition first.

A. join in; to write B. attend; writing  C. join; to write D. take part in; writing.

( ) He ______an English club last year and has improved his English a lot.

A. protected B. produced C. joined D. received

【解析13turn on 打开(反)turn off 关掉

( ) It’s time for CCTV news. Let’s _______ the TV and watch it.

A. turn on B. get on C. try on D. put on

( ) It's getting dark. Please ________ the light.

A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn around

( ) The boy is sleeping. Please _____the radio.

A. turn up B. turn down C. turn on


Section B.

【解析】 happen 发生;碰巧(指偶然性发生)

What happened to you?=What was wrong with him?

She happened ________(be) out when we called.

The sports meeting took place in our school last week.

( ) ① An accident ____ at the school gate this morning.

A. happened B .happened to C. took place D. took places

( ) ②What happened _____ the boy?

A. with B. to C. at D. on

( ) ③A serious bike accident ____ her , and she was badly hurt.

A. happened to B. was happened to C. was happing D. was happen

( ) ④The accident took place on a cold night.

A. took the place B. happened C. told D. hold

( ) ⑤I happened _____him last night.

A. to meet B. meet C. meeting D. meets

( ) Great changes _________ in Tongren in the past five years.

A. have happened B. have taken place

C. have been happened D. have been taken place

( ) The Olympic Games of 2016 will _____ in Brazil.

A. take after B. take off C. take place D. take away

( ) —It’s hot today, isn’t it?

—Yes, it is. Why not __________ your jacket?

A. take care B. take place C. take after D. take off

【解析】realize v 意识到

⑴ realize + n  例: she didn’t realize her mistake.

⑵ realize +从句   例:I didn’t realize that you were so unhappy.

【解析】 over= more than 超过

( ) —Can I join Oxfam Trailwalker?

—Only if you are _____ eighteen.

A. over B. on C. under D. below

【解析】 make one’s way to … 在某人去……的路上(当后接地点副词时,应省略介词to

( ) I’ll make my way ___ home now.

A. to B. / C. atD. on

【解析】一段时间+ ago 之前,用于一般过去时

( ) —Who is the little girl in the picture?

—It’s me. The picture ________ 10 years ago.

A. took B. is taken C. has taken D. was taken

( ) I know a little about Thailand, as I _____ there three years ago.

A. have been B. have gone C. will go D. went

【解析】complete v 完成 adj. 完整的 →completely彻底地;完全地

2013新疆】Physical exercise makes you tired butrelaxed.

① I ____________( complete) believe in you now. I think you are honest in the matter. 【解析】

the rest of … “其余的,剩下的” ,

【解析】silence n 沉默 → silent 沉默;缄默;无声

( ) When he heard the bad news, Robert walked home together with his friends ____________. (沉默地)

( ) We should keep ____ in the library.

A. silence B. silently C. silences

( ) They stood ____ as a mark of honor to her.

A. in silent B. in silence C. silence

【解析1remember to do sthremember doing sth的用法区别。

⑴ remember to do sth记得去做某事(此事还未做)

Remember to turn off the light when you leave the room.


⑵ remember doing sth记得做过某事(此事已做完)

I remember turning off the light when I left the room.我记得离开房间时关灯了。

【解析2take down 拆掉;拆毁

【解析3terror n. 恐怖 → terrorist 恐怖分子

( ) — Did you watch the TV news? The whole event was full of ____.

— Yes, I did . Those ____ were all caught by the police at last.

A. terror; terrorist B. terrorist; terrorsC. terror; terroristsD. terrors; terrorists

【解析】hardly 几乎不; 绝不

( ) Speak aloud, please! I can _____ hear you.

A. almost B. hardly C. usually

( ) Mike hurt his back seriously and can_____ get out of bed without help.

A. quickly B. easily C. nearly D. hardly

( ) — Did you go to the cinema to see 3D Titanic last night?

—No, I______ go to the cinema. The tickets are too expensive.

A. hardly B. nearly C. still D. Only

( ) — How often do you exercise?

— ______ ever. Because I am very busy with my work.

A. Hardly B. Nearly C. Always D. Almost

( ) David was so excited at the good news that he could ______ say a word.

A. nearly B. hardC. ever D. hardly

【解析1be surprised to do sth 做某事很吃惊

【拓展】surprise v 使吃惊→surprising adj. 令人吃惊的

①__________________(使我吃惊的是),he got the first prize in the exam.

②We are ____________at the _____________news.(surprise)

( ) ③ ___his surprise, she succeeded in climbing up the high mountain.

A. At B. To C. In D. On

( ) I was very surprised when the alien went into a souvenir shop.

A. excited B. amazing C. relaxing D. amazed

( ) ―Henry, you _____ tell the teacher if you want to go out of the classroom.

―Sorry, sir.

A. are supposed to B. are surprised to C. are afraid to

( ) The fans were _____to know the death of their favorite singing star Whitney


A. glad B. angry C. excited D. surprised


【结构】:hear sb. do sth听见某人做某事;


① hear about意为听说,相当于hear of,后面接词或短语。

I have heard about/of the story before. 我以前就听说过这个故事。

② hear from意为收到.......的来信;有.......的消息=get/receive a letter from.

I haven’t heard from my mother for months. 我已经好几个月没有收到我妈妈的来信了。

【解析】true adj. 真的 → truly adv. 真地 →truth 实情;事实

( ) To tell the ________ (true), I don’t like the drinks in that café.

( ) — Is it ____ that he missed the bus?

— No, he didn’t tell the _____. He was late because he got up late.

A. true; truth B. real ; truth

C. true; reality D. real; reality

【解析】trouble n 困难; 苦恼; 忧虑

⑴ in trouble 处于困境中 get sb. into trouble 使某人陷入困境

⑵ What's the trouble with you?

◆ have problem /difficulty/fun (in) doing sth 做某事有问题/困难/乐趣

( ) ① I had trouble ____ my homework.

A. to finish B. finishing C. finishes D. finish

( ) ② – Mr. Wang , I have trouble ___ the text.

--Remember ____ it three times at least.

A. to understand; reading B. understanding; reading

C. understanding; to read D. to understand; to read


八年级下册英语Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came?知识点解析与对应练习 - 快乐英语 - 学好英语 改变人生



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