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【转载】人教新版八年级下册Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents?精讲精练Section B  

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Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents?精讲精练Section B


1. My parents give me a lot of presure about school. 我父母在学习上给了我很多压力。

【解析】press v 按;压  →pressure压力

不可数名词 (物理学)压力

    air pressure 气压  blood pressure 血压

不可数名词 还可指精神上、外界施加的压力 = stress  

       under pressure 在压力下

2. I have to compete with my classmates at school. 在学校我不得不和我的同学们竞争。

【解析】compete v竞争;对抗  competition   n 竞争

compete with sb. 和某人竞争

compete against/ with ……竞争

compete for ……参加比赛

We are ready for the coming ________________(compete).

3. You should all _________________ each other to improve. 你们都应该互相___________ 而全面发展。

【解析】improve =make ... better 改进  →improvement  n 提高

4. Who gives their opinions about the problem? 对于这个问题都有谁提出了他们自己的观点。

【解析】opinion n 意见;想法;看法

in one’s opinion 以某人的观点;在某人看来

give opinions about sth. 给出关于某事的观点。

5. These days, Chinese children are sometimes busier on weekends than weekdays because they have to take so many after-school classes. 目前,中国的孩子有时周末比平常还要忙,因为他们不得不上那么多的课后辅导班。

【解析】some time /sometime/some times/sometimes

【口诀】:分开是一段,合起是某时;分开s 是倍次,合起s是有时

(1) some time一段时间,做时间状语

 It takes sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人多长时间

(2) sometime adv 在某个时候,

(3) some times 名词词组,几次,几倍

   Mr. Green went to Sanya some times last summer.

(4)sometimes=at times 有时 (一般现在时的标志词)

 (    ) I hope to visit the USA _____ in the future.

     A. sometimes  B. some times  C. sometime   D. some time

2013广西】At times an ad can lead you to buy something you don’t need at all. so you have to be careful.

         A. Sometime    B. Sometimes    C. Some time   D. Some times

6. Others are practicing sports so that they can compete and win. 其他人正在练习体育运动, 这样他们就能参与竞争并获胜。

【解析】 others  pron.  其他的人或事物

There are other ways of doing it. 做这事还有其他的办法。

(    ) My sister is outgoing. She likes making friends with ____.

      A. other     B. another    C. the other   D. others

7. The Taylors are a typical American family. 泰勒一家是一个典型的美国之家。

【解析1Thy Taylors 泰勒一家。在姓氏的复数前加冠词the表示全家人或夫妻两人,使用时注意主语和谓语保持一致。

The Blacks are getting ready for the holiday.

2012广东】____ Greens are preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day.

           A. /    B.A     C. An    D. The

【解析】typical 典型的

  be typical of “……的特点

8. Maybe I could cut out a few of their activities, but I believe these activities are important for my children’s future. 或许我可以减少他们的一些活动, 但是我相信这些活动对孩子们的未来很重要。

【解析】cut out 删除;删去 (v+adv)   You’d better cut out that sentence.

        cut up 切碎 cut down 砍到  cut in 插队  cut off 切断(水、电)供应

(    ) Don’t ___ when others talk; it’s impolite.

       A. cut out    B. cut in    C. cut down    D. cut off

9. I really want them to be successful. 我真的很想他们成功。

【解析】successful 成功的

【拓展】 succeed  v 成功,达到 →success  n  成功

→successful  adj 成功的

→successfully adv成功地 

◆succeed in doing sth

① If at first you don’t ____________(success) . try, try again.

(    )② She works very hard ,so she will ____ in ____ the exam.

    A. successful; pass      B. success; passing 

    C. succeed; passing     D. successful; passing

2013甘肃兰州】87. Details decide ______ (成功) or not. If we take everything seriously, we’ll achieve our goals.

2013贵州铜仁】85.—What’s the secret of your ______________success?

                   —Work hard.

2013四川凉山】85. After hundreds of experiments, Edison _____________ (成功) invented the light bulb.

2013山东青岛312. It is ______ that Mr. Guo sailed across the world by himself ______ within about 130 days

                A. terrified, successful                           B. scary, successfully

                C. amazing, successfully                         D. convincing, successful

10. It’s time for homework. 该写作业了。

【解析】It’s time for sth 是到做某事的时候了。It’s time for lunch.

        It’s time to do sth  It’s time to go to school.

(   ) It’s 9:30 pm., children! _____ is time to go to bed.

      A. That     B. It     C. This    D. They

11.   In some families, competition starts very young and continues until the kids get older.  在有些家庭,竞争从孩子们很小的时候就开始了,一直持续到他们长大。

【解析】continue 继续;持续

【拓展】continue doing sth =go on doing sth 继续做某事(前后做同一件事)

        continue to do sth = go on to do sth 继续做某事(前后不是同一件事)

①Let’s continue____________(read) the text.

②Many students hope to continue ________ (study) after _______(finish) school.

  ③ The two teams continued _____ the game after half an hour.

       A. play    B. to play    C. playing    D. played

【拓展】continuego on,  last辨析

⑴continue  v. 继续,持续,指进程在时间或空间上的延续,强调持续不断,有时也可以指短暂停止后继续进行。

He continue the work for two days.他连续两天都在做这项工作。

⑵ go on指无间歇或有间歇地继续,或以某种特定方式继续。

go on to do sth继续做某事,指开始做另外一件事;

go on doing sth继续做原来所做的事情。

After doing his homework, he went on to preview his lessons.


⑶last  v.持续,延续,维持,指某事物继续存在或某种现象在时间上延续,说明某一动作要延续一段时间。

She won’t last long in that job.那个工作她做不了多久。

12. Mothers send their small kids to all kinds of classes. 妈妈们把她们的小孩子送去各种各样的辅导班。

【解析1send→ sent → sent v 发送

 【短语】: send away 赶走  send for 派人去请

send off 寄出    send out 分发  send up 发射

send sb. sth = send sth to sb. 送给某人某物 【注】类似的动词有:show (展示; ……)   give ()  lend (借出)  offer(提供) return (归还) tell 告诉)

(     ) ① You fill in both parts of the form, then_____.

    A. send up it   B. send for it  C. send it away  D. send it off

(     ) Please send a photo of your family ____ me.

        A. for      B. at      C. to     D. with

(     ) ---- Drunken drive is dangerous, isn’t it?

       ---- Yeah. That why drunken drivers_____ to prison even without causing accidents.

           A. sent    B. are sent    C. send    D. are sending

【解析2all kinds of 各种各样的


(1) n 种类

kind of +adj.有点,有几分,kind of cold 有点冷

 a kind of 一种的,某种的

  all kinds of  各种各样的

  different kinds of 不同种类的 

  What kind of…?那种

(2) adj. 友好的

  be kind to sb. = be good to sb.=be friendly to sb.  对某人友好

【辨析】kind of kinds of:

1kind of 单独用,表示有点,后接形容词或副词:

     He is kind of thin.”他有点瘦   I feel kind of hungry.”我有点饿

     Uncle Wang speaks kind of quickly. 王叔叔说得有点快

2kind of前有a, this, that, what等,译为种,种类后加名词。

     That kind of question is difficult to answer. 那类问题难回答

     What kind of sport do you like best? 你最喜欢何种运动

(     ) ①This kind of skirt looks ___ and sells _____.

   A. nice ; well   B. nice; good   C. well; well  D. good ;nice

(     ) ②—What ____ animals do you like?

 — Monkeys. I think they’re _____ clever.

           A. kind of; kind of   B . a kind of; a kind of 

      C. kind of; a kind    D. a kind of; kind of

(     )③ — It’s going to rain. Let me fetch an umbrella for you.

          — Thank you ! You are so ____.

             A. lucky       B. kind      C. relaxed     D. Interesting

(     ) —I want to see the movie Iron Man 3 (《钢铁3). Do you know the ______ of the ticket?

        —Yes. Five dollars.

           A. number               B. price                 C. kind                  D. name

13. Kids should have time to relax and think for themselves, too. 孩子们也应该有时间放松和独立思考。

【解析】have time to do sth 有时间做某事

(     ) Do you have time _____ this game with us?

       A. to play    B. play    C. playing    D. played

14.    And they are always comparing them with other children. 她们总是把自己的孩子和其他的孩子作比较。

【解析】compare A with B AB 比较

   (1)compare…with…  ………..做比较

   (2) compare…to… …..比做……

(    ) ①. People often compare a teacher        a candle.

       A. to      B.  into      C.  as       D. with              

(    ) ②. It’s necessary          English         Chinese in English study.

  A. compare ; to          B. to compare ; with     

         C. comparing ; to         D. to compare; into

2011四川广元】— Why are most children under too much pressure ?

                 — Because their parents always compare them ___ others.

                    A. With     B. by      C. to 

15.Doctors say too much pressure is not good for a child’s development. 医生说太多的压力不利于孩子们的发展。

【解析1be good for ......有好处

【拓展】good ( better ; best) adj. 好的 → goodness n 好处;善行 ;美德

  be good for ….有益处(反) be bad for有害处

be good at +n/doing=do well in +n/doing 擅长于做某事

 be good to sb. =be kind to =be friendly to sb.对某人友好

【记】The boy is good ______me .He is good ______English , and he tells me oral practice is good ______improve spoken English.

【新疆中考】I think drinking milk is good ____ our health.

             A. for    B. to    C. with    D. at

【湖北咸宁】 — I think drinking milk every morning is good ____ our health.

             — Yes, I agree _____ you.

                 A. to; to       B. with; to     C. at; with     D. for; with

【山东临沂】English is my favorite subjiect , and I am good ___ it.

            A. for      B. to       C. at       D. of

【解析2development 发展

2012江苏泰州】Good habits are good for the ___________(develop) of us teenagers.

2012江苏盐城】The ____________(develop) of science has changed our world a lot.

16.Dr. Alice Green says all these activities can cause a lot of stress for children. 爱丽丝. 格林医生说所有的这些活动可能给孩子们带来很多压力。

【解析】 cause  v. 造成,使发生

(1) cause sb. to do sth 使某人做某事

 (2) cause sb. for sb. 给某人添麻烦

(     ) ① She always ___ trouble ___ people.

           A. cause; to   B. cause ; for   C. causing; to   D. causing; for

(     ) ② Every year driving after drinking wine ____ a lot of traffic accidents.

          A. happens    B. provides    C. causes

【拓展】 cause, reason, excuse辨析

⑴ cause n.原因,指引起某种结果的原因,后接介词of.

 The cause of the accident was the fact that he was driving too fast. 事故的原因是他开车开的太快。

⑵ reason  n.理由,原因,指决定做某事或采取某项行动的理由。

The reason he was driving so fast was that he didn’t want to miss an important meeting. 他开车如此快的原因是他不想错过一个重要的会议。

⑶ excuse  n.辩解,借口,指对某种行为所做的解释,可以是真的,也可以是托词。

 He made a good excuse for his driving. 他为自己开快车找了一个堂皇的借口。

 (    ) What ___ the flowers to die?

       A. made    B. had     C. caused    D .get

 (    ) Do you often ___ trouble ____ your parents?

       A. get; into   B. pay; for    C. cause; for   D. give; to

17.In my opinion, it is important for children/ parents to ... 我认为, 对于孩子们/父母来说, ......是重要的。

【解析】in one’s opinion 以某人的观点; 在某人看来

18. Perhaps children/ parents should / could ......或许孩子们/父母应该/ 可能.......

【解析】perhaps 也许;可能



 Perhaps I will see him the day after tomorrow, but I am not sure. 也许我后天去看他,不过我不能确定。


He will probably refuse the offer.他很可能会拒绝这份提议。


I’ll see you today, or possibly tomorrow.我今天要见你,不过也可能是明天。


Maybe you put the letter in your basket. 或许你把信放在你的篮子里了。

19. It’s crazy. 这是疯狂的。

【解析】crazy. adj.  不理智的;疯狂的 (在句中作定语、表语、宾语补足语)

       be crazy about ……着迷;热衷于……

       I’m crazy about football.

20.Does Cathy Taylor think it’s important for kids to join after-school activities? 凯西. 泰勒认为对于孩子们而言参加课文活动重要吗?

【解析】It’s + adj.(easy,difficult,important,necessary) +(for sb.) to do sth

【注】若形容词表示事物特征的,如:easy ,difficult, hard ,important等,须用介词for 【形容物,用for

 It’s +adj( kind, honest, friendly, )+(of sb) to do sth.

【注】 若形容词表示人的性格、品质与特点,如:good ,kind ,nice, wrong等,用介词of。【形容人用of

2012山东东营】It’s very convenient ___ us to buy train tickets now because we can buy them either from the station or on the Internet.

        A. to    B. of    C. by   D. for

 ① It’s important for us _______(learn) English well.

 ② It’s hard for us ____________(finish) this task in two days.

(   )③ It’s very nice ____ you to help me a lot.

   A. for   B. of   C. in   D. on

(   ) ④ It’s very ___ of you to work out the problem for me.

        A. kind   B. polite   C. clever  D. easy

21. keep on happening 持续发生

【解析】keep on doing 继续做某事

        keep sb. doing sth 让某人一直做某事     keep up with 跟上

keep sb. from doing sth阻止某人做某事   keep away from避开

Mr. Li kept _________(work) here for nearly 30 years.

人教新版八年级下册Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents?精讲精练Section B - 快乐英语 - 学好英语 改变人生
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